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Book Publishing


You’ve finally decided to write that book that has been floating in your head for so long. Or your business friends have convinced you to put all your expertise in writing and create that Do-It-Yourself book. You have a large shoebox of handed down recipes and it would be nice to pass them down to the children in book form.


Whatever your story is, it’s now time for the next step. Let us help you get the ink on paper to a book in your hand.


Publishing Packages include:


  • Editing, Proof-reading, Typesetting, Formatting and Layout.

  • Book Cover Design: Use your own cover design, whether graphic, picture or illustrated to create the book cover. If you don’t have your own design, we can design the cover for you.

  • Obtaining an ISBN number and barcode for the ISBN.

  • Copyright and all pertinent information relating to the book is added to the copyright page.

  • The book is printed and ready for you to distribute.

  • Two copies of the finished book will be deposited to the Canadian National Library on your behalf.

  • We are one-on-one with you through each step of the publishing process.

Newsletters, Blogs, Websites, Written Projects


You’re saying “Whoa, Nellie! I’m not ready to write a book!” Your big project consists of a newsletter, flyers for the business or community event, blogs or a business report. No worries. We can help you for the smaller tasks that feel more like a big job. Here is what we can offer:


  • Editing and proofreading from 1 page to 100 pages.

  • Formatting and typesetting of an existing document.

  • Priced using a combination of time spent and word count.

Questions Often Asked


Q: Do you only take local clients?

A: No, we have worked with clients across Canada, some of whom we have never met. Communication is done through email, phone and video call when necessary. Don’t worry, you’ll feel like we’re right there beside you.


Q: How long does it take to complete a book?

A: A book can be completed in as little as two months, but that is quite rare. Timing depends on how quickly each process is completed, and if schedules are met. Ideally, if all the processes fall into place smoothly, it should take about 3 months. Of course, consult the publisher for special needs.

Q: Do you provide marketing services?

A: At the moment, we do not provide marketing or distribution services.

Q: I’ve finished writing my manuscript. Do I need anything else?

A: Before starting the editing process, along with the manuscript, you must provide the order in which each chapter will appear if submitted separately. If you plan to include an introduction, an acknowledgement page, dedication page, and/or about the author page, you should also have these ready. There will be other bits and pieces required, such as illustrations for the content of the book, bio picture (at least 300 dpi), artwork for book cover, summary for back cover, but all these can come during the process. We will guide you in exactly what you’ll need.

Q: Do I have to create my own book cover?

A: You have an option of providing an illustration or artwork to create the book front and back covers, or you he may choose to have a unique design created. We discuss this with you to get the best results.

Q: Do I keep ownership of my book if I sign with April Dew Publishing?

A: Yes. You maintain the copyright of your book as well as 100% royalty (we don’t take a cent from your sales). If after being published by April Dew Publishing, you receive a contract with a publishing house, you can choose to have your book published under a different imprint and ISBN number. Our goal is for your success.

Q: Do I have to order a minimum number of books?

A: Your books will be commissioned for printing by a printing shop, not a Print On Demand. To keep costs down, we suggest a minimum of 100 books. You may find that 100 books sell very quickly. There is no limit as to how many you can order, and of course, the price per book decreases with quantity.

If you’re ready to take that next step and have your book publish, contact us here.
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