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Unlock An Investor's Mind

- by Barry Barrs


Unlock An Investor’s Mind is loaded with useful information – from asset flipping to long term investments to mortgages and more – all applying to everyday people in today’s everyday economy. By taking action today, financial well being can be transferred from dream to reality.

ISBN 978-1-926524-05-4

188 pages; paperback

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Unlock an Investor's Mind cover - front.


Sweet Pea in the Pumpkin Patch

​- by Ariane Weathers​


The author describes her life as a parent as an adventure. She shares this adventure in her book filled with her experiences, stories and her own dose of wisdom.​


ISBN 978-0-9783090-8-4

184 pages; paperback.


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A Christmas Star for Pugnacious

- by Ariane Weathers


Pug finds himself lost on Christmas Eve. He spends the day trying to find his way home in time for Christmas. As the day turns to evening, Pug starts to lose hope that he will see his beloved Andy again. Is there a miracle in the works? Will he make it home in time for Christmas?


ISBN 978-0-9919335-7-0

28 pages; paperback.


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Pugnacious and the Bullies

- by Ariane Weathers


It was a sunny April morning. Pugnacious was on his daily stroll. What he didn’t know was that today, he would make two rescues from bullies, and in the process, gain a lifelong friend.


ISBN 978-1-926524-03-0

30 pages; paperback.


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Pugnacious Goes To School

- by Ariane Weathers


It’s Pet Day at Andy’s school. Pug is excited to attend class with Andy. It sure would be fun! But what happens when three dogs, two cats, a mouse and a lizard get loose just before the

Science Fair? Chaos!


ISBN 978-1-926524-04-7

32 pages; paperback

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Pugnacious Goes To School - cover.png


The Goonchba 

- by Sheila Chartrand

The children have not been getting along with each other lately and they will soon learn there are consequences to their actions. Their mother tries to warn them to stop bickering and fighting but they continue to scrap until… POOF!

ISBN 978-0-926524-02-3

36 pages; hard cover.​


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The Schobrine

- by Sheila Chartrand


Two children really want a pet. When their dad suggests getting 

a schobrine, a guessing game begins as to what animal that may be.


ISBN 978-0-9919335-1-8

48 pages; hard cover.


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The Schobrine cover.jpg


Beyond Beauty 

- by Alexandra Villaroel Abrego


This book will take you on a journey of self-discovery and self-growth, teaching you how to become an extraordinary woman living an extraordinary life.


ISBN 978-0-9865539-0-8

216 pages; paperback.


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Au-Delà de la Beauté 

- by Alexandra Villaroel Abrego

ISBN 978-0-9783090-7-7

264 pages; paperback.


Currently out of print.


Money Making Marketing for Canadian$

- by Dave Dubeau

Ten of Canada’s leading direct response marketers, copywriters and successful small business owners share their best “secrets” about how to grow your business, practice or consultancy quickly and inexpensively through proven and effective marketing. 

ISBN 978-0-9783090-4-6

271 pages; paperback

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Creative Real Estate Investing for Canadian$

- by Ken Beaton with Dave Dubeau

The authors show you, the beginning investor, the means and the opportunity to play the real estate game…not just to push or shove your way in, but how to do it the right way, so that your initial investment generates cash in good times and bad.

ISBN 978-0-9783030-5-3

128 pages; paperback

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Rent to Own Profits for Canadian$ 

- by Dave Dubeau & Dan Dubeau


​The authors explain how to pur-chase a Rent-to-Own property, and how to help a deserving family achieve the dream of owning a starter home much quicker than they would otherwise be able to.

ISBN 978-0-9783090-6-0

200 pages; paperback.


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How to Get the Cash For Your Deal

- Dan Heon and Dave Dubeau


This book gives Canadian real estate investors the industry insider's scoop on how to get financing for their investment properties. It applies to commercial property investors,  as well as more 'creative' investors (flips, rent-to-own, etc.). 


ISBN 978-1-926524-00-9

68 pages; paperback.


Not yet available.




You Are Not Alone – Volume 2

– by Andrea Roe

Women share their experiences through touching stories, poems and poetry, and art work. A book of companionship for women struggling with eating disorders.

ISBN 978-0-9783090-3-9

190 pages; paperback.

Currently out of print.


Awakening to the Beauty of Life Within 

- by G. Tina Fischer-Groot

Tina shares beautiful pictures of nature and local scenery in this journal of inspirational words and quotes. 

ISBN 978-0-9783090-1-5

160 pages; paperback coiled.


Currently out of print.





And They Dreamt of the Dancing Girl

– by Kristian Urstad

Three philisophical fables retelling the conflict between a monkey and a fish; an eagle and a mouse; and a parrot and a lion. 


ISBN 978-0-9783090-2-2

90 pages; paperback. 

Currently out of print.




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