• Ariane Weathers

New Year’s Resolution: putting pen to paper & setting realistic goals

Have you made a resolution for this year? Like most people, my resolutions of the past were always to eat healthier and exercise more, but like most people, I didn’t make it past the first week. I believe it was because I did not have a plan. I have since set realistic goals for myself in shorter increments, ie monthly goals. Take a school science fair project. If you look at it as a whole, the work involved may be overwhelming and seem unattainable. But if you break it down into sections, it doesn’t seem so intimidating, eg research, write the content, collect pictures, assemble the presentation, final touches. Each step has its own deadline.

Is your resolution to write a book this year? Maybe you have been thinking about it for years, but never took the first step? Were you looking at the big picture rather than aiming for smaller accomplishments? Let me help you with that. If you want your book to be released in time for Christmas sales, remember that Christmas sales start in October. Give yourself ten weeks to have your book edited, formatted, cover design, acquiring the CIP and ISBN, and printing. This is of course providing that you stay on track and not make constant changes. Back tracking, that will bring you to around the beginning of July. This would be the ideal time to have your writing completed.

Now arrange your project into attainable goals from now to July based upon how much content you plan to have, eg, one chapter per week, six pages per week, etc. Of course, the longer you wait before you start, the more that you will have to accomplish in a week. Set aside a time for your writing, eg, first thing Sunday morning. See the article Getting Started Is Easier Than You Think for more information.

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